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Finland FA Racing
Full name Forever Alone Racing
Owner/s Finland Teemu Toikka
Base Finland Lahti
Superleague Team None
Début -
Supercup Team FA Racing
Début 2013 Supercup Australian GP
Formula Challenge Team FA Racing
Début -
World Sport Series Team None
Début -
International Touring Cup Team None
Début -

FA Racing is a GPVWC constructor who competed in Masters 2011, Formula Challenge 2012 and in World Sport Series 2012 and will compete in Supercup 2013.

Formula Challenge


Team entered the series with high hopes and with Gasper Mozek and Miguel Macedo team was aiming high in the standings. However, both drivers were forced to leave the team, both due to personal matters. The season saw many drivers fielding both FA cars, such as Scott Bennett, Riku Sarpila and the team owner Teemu Toikka.



Team entered the series with Nico de Koninck and Vinodh Moodley as their race drivers and Chris Parr as the test and reserve driver.

Masters Series


FA Racing made its debut in 2011 Norisring Masters with a line-up of Teemu Toikka, William Ponissi and William Tringas. Results were not mindblowing, best finish of the race weekend was Tringas' 17th place in Feature. Even more disappointing results were shown by Toikka and Ponissi, who were just and just succeeded to finish top 30.

Next race was held at Goldenport in China but because of Toikka not having his passport with him in the airport, he had to pass Goldenport. Ponissi meanwhile was too busy being an Italian in London and failed to show up in the circuit. Without the pressure of team manager, Tringas showed some good pace finishing 7th in feature.

In Zolder Tringas was the only driver again in Forever Alone Racing car. Loneliness seemed to affect him as his best finish was only 21st. 7th and 8th round were held at Istanbul, Turkey and Tringas was again the only driver to show up. Maybe it was the dozen kebabs he ate in Istanbul which made him quick. He qualified 12th, finished 15th in Feature race and 11th in Sprint Race in which the Team Manager was very pleased.

For Watkins Glen FA Racing got bad news as William Tringas reported his possible absence from the remaining races. This meant 2 cars were out of the series and that Toikka had to finish the season alone. His pace was decent in Watkins Glen but his luck ran out in races. In Feature he was last to finish due to unscheduled pit stop for damage repairs. In Sprint Race he started from the front rows and he was running in 5th for many laps before disaster struck. In Turn 5 braking cars back end went wild and spinning him onto grass and then collecting Pavel Loknovski. He eventually finished 21st after a 10 second penalty.

After the disappointments of Watkins Glen the series rolled into Australia and to legendary Bathurst which featured the longest track in series. For many teams this was the highlight of the season, but not for FA Racing. They only managed to field one car, Teemu Toikka, and qualifying only 30th. Toikka was also suffering from connection issues, which meant troubles for other drivers. Toikka managed to finish 31st in Feature race and 23rd in Sprint after a 20 second penalty for punting. Without the penalty Toikka would have scored his first GPVWC points, but that had to wait for another day.

Series was in its last legs in Donington. Yet again, only one driver showed up that driver being Toikka. He qualified promisingly 14th and finished Feature Race the very same place as he started, which meant that Toikka finally got his first points in GPVWC. Sprint race was a disappointment as Toikka was punted off the track in the opening laps which caused him to lose front bumper. Overall, the weekend was a success. As the series ended and standings were updated the final time, it was clear that William Tringas was the best driver from FA Racing with 18 points. In team standings, FA Racing finished 15th, just ahead of Synergetic and Force Lotus.