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Just creating this page to throw out there some random stuff that's happening which may be of use to other people. Mods, feel free to adjust/delete as/if necessary.

Flag templates, 09/01/14

Took the liberty of creating a series of shorthand templates (well, what I call shorthand templates) for displaying flags. For example, to display the flag of Australia, (i.e. Australia) you'd formerly have to write {{flagicon|AUS}} each time. Now I've simplified that so all you have to do is write {{AUS}}. Basically, very similar to before, it's the same thing but without "flagicon|". Most of the flag templates have been converted, but in case their are not, creating one is fairly simple; have a look at this as an example to see how it all works. --Doug hilliard (talk) 09:41, 9 January 2014 (EST)