Globe Racing

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Belgium Globe Racing
Logo Globe Racing.jpg
Full name Globe Racing
Owner/s Belgium Kenney Lybeer
Base Belgium Izegem, Belgium
Superleague Team None
Début -
Supercup Team Globe Racing
Début Spain Spain 2011
Formula Challenge Team None
Début -
World Sport Series Team None
Début -
International Touring Cup Team None
Début -

Globe Racing was a GPVWC Constructor and was founded and owned by Kenney Lybeer. The team was based in Belgium, but would move its operations to Argentina. The constructor made its debut in the Spanish Grand Prix

Mexico 2011 Problems

Globe Racing was expected to race for the first time in the Mexican Grand Prix. Due to problems at the frontier, things got complicated. 1 hour before Practice started, Jim Katelas was still unsure if he'd have a replacement car as the both GR-cars were held back at the frontier. 1st driver Jim Parisis in the meantime wasn't deemed fit to race because of an ankle bruising. As practice came nearer, confirmation was given that the GR-cars would certainly not be on the circuit in time.

In a fail trial to claim the Williamson Dynamics Grand Prix cars, who were present at the time, Jim Katelas drove a few laps in them. Quickly things were sure: the GPVWC RD didn't allow the useage of the WD-cars. At 19.15 GMT, Globe Racing withdrew their entry and announced that their debut would be held at Canada instead.


After the disaster in the Mexican Grand Prix, operations were to be moved to Argentina. Due to the happenings in Mexico, sponsors didn't pay out and quickly manager Kenney Lybeer had to decide to withdraw his team out of the compitition. He himself said that the team would be looking at a revival in 2013 with a new name and fresh finances.

Surprise comeback

Rumours were high and after negotiations Globe Racing was to be revived and would still have his debut in the 2011 Supercup season. A group of investors revived the team and contacted Jason Muscat for a drive in the team. The team made his debut in the Spain 2011 with only one car. After scoring a podium in the debut race and a win in their home grand prix the team scored 43 points and the 11th place in the championship. It was anounced that the team would not come back for the 2012 season.