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Simsoa Racing VR

Full name Simsoa Racing VR F1
Base Japan Japan
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SC Drivers' Championships
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Simsoa Racing VR took a major step in the 2006 Superleague season, winning a stunning four races with Laurent Keersmaekers to comfortably finish third in the Constructors' Championship, thirty points clear of RTT GreenVipers. A combination of drivers, led by the Keersmaekers brothers Laurent and Vincent, demonstrated just how far the team's car had progressed in only a few months. From six points in 2005, Simsoa improved to a massive ninety points by the end of the 2006 season.

Simsoa Racing was founded by Lawrence Simpson of the United Kingdom, and head-quartered out of Japan from its inception. The team's first full F1VWC seasons, 2004 and 2005, were noted for launching the careers of David Brown and Javier Aparicio. Following two years of league-leading reliability and commitment, Brown moved to Stealth in 2006 while Aparicio moved more into the team management of Simsoa, taking over the daily duties from Lawrence Simpson. He was joined in this regard by Jorge Caranti, and the team immediately took on a more Latin feel.

For 2007, Aparicio will continue directing the team, but will be joined on an equal basis by Vincent Keersmaekers, and the team's name has been officially changed to Simsoa Racing VR. If, as expected, both Keersmaekers compete as full time drivers for the team in 2007, Simsoa VR will be a strong favourite for the Drivers and Constructors Championships.