Stealth International

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Stealth International
F1vwc logo stealth.jpg
Founded 2004
Founder Ted Cragg
Headquarters Peterborough, Ontario, Canada  
Key people Ted Cragg, Juha Tanskanen
Revenue n/a
Operating income n/a
Net income n/a
Employees 3
Parent none
Divisions 2
Subsidiaries Stealth Grand Prix, formerly Synergetic Motorsports
Owner Ted Cragg
Slogan Stealthy does it!
Dissolved No

Stealth International is a global sim racing company, based in Canada, which operates in the F1 Virtual World Championship (F1VWC). SI grew out of Stealth Grand Prix, the original creation under the Stealth name, and was launched in December of 2004. Before Stealth retired from the GPVWC it was a Holding Company for Stealth Grand Prix and for Synergetic Motorsports.

Stealth Grand Prix itself was founded as a sim racing team to compete in numerous leagues and competitions. However, with the advent of new enterprises and opportunities in the sim racing scene, particularly in the GPVWC, the need existed for a parent company to oversee the growing subsidiaries of the Stealth name.

Stealth International was thus created to sit atop the tree and organize the admnistration of the various Stealth operations.

The organizational chart of the company in 2007 was as follows:

Stealth International Administration
Stealth Grand PrixStealth F1Stealth F2Synergetic MotorsportsSynergetic F1Synergetic F2Sim Racing Magazine (VWC) • Driver Management (F1VWC)

The administrators, or executives, of Stealth International are responsible for appointing managers for each of the various enterprises listed above. These managers may indeed be the same people as the executive, but are completely separate roles. The managers in turn are responsible for hiring drivers and technical staff, securing contracts, and ensuring that each operation runs smoothly and according to its objective.