2012 Challenge Italian Grand Prix

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Flag of Italy.png   2012 Challenge Italian Grand Prix
Race details
2012 Formula Challenge season
Autodromo Vallelunga Piero Taruffi.png
Date 28th March, 2012
Event 2012 Challenge Italian Grand Prix
Location Autodromo Vallelunga Piero Taruffi, Rome
Lap Distance 2.538 mi / 4.085 km
Weather Sunny
Pole position
Driver Romania Emanuel Gaczella Storm Racing Team
Time 1:37.258
Feature Race
First Greece Jim Parisis Torrent Motorsports
Second Romania Emanuel Gaczella Storm Racing Team
Third England Adrian McNaughton Storm Racing Team
Fastest Lap Greece Jim Parisis Torrent Motorsports
Sprint Race
First Romania Emanuel Gaczella Storm Racing Team
Second Finland Ari Nieminen Torrent Motorsports
Third England Myles Dixon Velocity Racing
Fastest Lap Greece Jim Parisis Torrent Motorsports

The 2012 Challenge Italian Grand Prix - the third round of the season - took place on Autodromo Vallelunga Piero Taruffi near Rome on the 28th of March.



Pole position was taken by Emanuel Gaczella with an 1:37.258. Jarl Teien could set his car on the 2nd spot, just before Jim Parisis. Josh Webster took a suprising 4th place, just before Tom Parker, the reserve driver of Tiger Express Motorsports. 6th place was for Adrian McNaughton, and a good qualify run placed Djemel Boukerche on 7th place. Ihab Abbas took the 8th place, and rookie Nico Schweinzer took 9th place for Arctic GP. Jon MacLean and Marek Skrajnowski took 10th and 11th place, followed by Ari Nieminen (12th) and Pavel Loknovski (13th), reserve driver of Innervision. Synergetic Motersports driver Wesley Morris took 14th place on his GPVWC debut, followed by another rookie, Myles Dixon. Jason Muscat had a dissapointing qualify, only starting as 16th. Roy Schroten took 17th place in his Racing Team Schroten car as reserve driver. But Roy had a grid penalty and was put back to 22th place to start the race. So Lee Davidson and Simon Crain took the 17th (18th) and 18th (19th) spot on the grid, with Scotty Moore short behind them at 20th (21th). 21th place (22th) was taken by Teemu Toikka and Marcus Sundstromtook 22th place (23th). Gary Allen and Lee Massey took row 12, and behind them were Lims Chebbi and Dale Stones. The last row was for Gavin Thomas and Jamez Shepherd respectively.

Feature Race

At the start it was Lims Chebbi who collided with Dale Stones and Roy Schroten. Both cars had damage for the remainder of the race. Jarl Teien took the lead followed by Jim and Emanuel.

After three laps Jim took the lead, followed by Jarl who would eventualy drop down due to seat problems. Emanuel took 2nd shorly after.

At lap 5 Marcus spun, and Roy wasn't able to dodge him, resulting both RTS cars to retire.

At the end of the race it was still Jim Parisis who had the lead, shortly followed by Emanuel Gaczella. Adrian McNaughton took the last place at the podium, after doing a grand job in his Storm Racing car. Rookie Marek Skrajnowski was able to hold back Jarl Teien who finished 4th and 5th. Ari Nieminen drive his car to 6th place, while Josh Webster drove to 7th. Ihab Abbas finished 8th and Djemel Boukerche followed in 9th. Jon MacLean, who started from the pits, managed to drive his car to 10th position. Wesley Morris did a grand job taking 11th place, Lee Davidson took 12th, Myles Dixon took 13th place and Simon Crain drove his car to 14th position. Lims Chebbi managed to take the last point at the 15th place.

Sprint Race

Jarl Teien wasn't able to start at the sprint race because his seat was broken for the race. The sprint race saw Scotty Moore start from pole, while Feature race winner Jim Parisis started 14th.

At the start the top 3 drivers drove to wide in Turn one, resulting Myles Dixon to take the lead. It was only a short lead, because Myles Dixon was able to recover from his bad start to take the lead.

A few laps later it was Emanuel Gaczella who took over the lead.

The race saw many incidents and spins, whitch resulted into a suprising finish order.

Emanuel Gaczella took the win once again, with Ari Nieminen only 2 seconds down at the 2nd place. Myles Dixon took the 3rd place in only his second race, a good job from the englishman. Jim Parisis couldn't go further than 4th, with Jon MacLean shortly behind him. Nico Schweinzer did a good job taking 6th place and Marek Skrajnowski took the 7th place. Wesley Morris and Djemel Boukerche took the 8th and 9th place after a great race from the two young drivers. Lims Chebbi took 10th place, while Adrian McNaughton, who had a podium in the feature race, couldn't go further than the 11th place. Lee Davidson drove his car to 12th, and Jamez Shepherd finished as 13th. Brothers Roy Schroten and Mike Schroten took the last points with their damaged cars.


Standings after the race

Drivers' Championship standings
Pos Driver Points
1 Romania Emanuel Gaczella 136
2 Greece Jim Parisis 128
3 Norway Jarl Teien 94
4 England Adrian McNaughton 79
5 Finland Ari Nieminen 62

Constructors' Championship standings
Pos Constructor Points
1 Romania Storm Racing Team 215
2 United States Torrent Motorsports 190
3 Netherlands Hene 95
4 United States United Racers 72
5 England Hatchell-Pennine Motorsport 69

  • Note: Only the top five positions are included for both sets of standings.

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