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World GT News edit

Endurance Series 2012

  • The 2018 World GT Series season has been completed! Yuri Kasdorp won the final race of the season, in Belgium.  
  • STAX Racing have won the 2018 World GT Series season Team's Championship!  
  • Risto Kappet has won his 3rd successive World GT Driver's Championship!
  • About World GT edit
    The GPVWC World GT Series is an established series at the league starring GTE cars. With one race per month, the format runs as a one hour contest following a standard fifteen minute qualifying session and runs on non-Career Ladder Thursdays.

    The series is aimed at those looking for faster machinery than the World Sport Series, as well as longer distance racing. The tin top element also allows for more hardy racing.

    Latest Standings edit
    After Round 4/7

    Drivers' Championship standings
    Pos Driver Points
    1 Peru Luis Felipe Capamadjian 90
    2 England Thomas Jacobs 58
    3 Peru Nico Barclay 51
    4 England Matthew Chirgwin 51
    5 Germany Marius Nicolae 42

    Teams' Championship standings
    Pos Team Points
    1 Switzerland Scuderia Basilea 141
    2 England Downforce iZone Racing 81
    3 England TSA Racing 60
    4 England Aurora Motorsports 55
    5 Romania Walk Racing 45

    Selected Image edit


    2016 Drivers' Champion Risto Kappet heads the Belgian GT Cup.

    Photo credit: Nico Barclay
    Upcoming Events edit
    Date Round Event
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