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Images News edit

Stealth 2002

  • The historical livery project has been started! We need all the historical graphics you might have laying about on your hard drives, logos used, templates, screen shots - anything that might help. The aim is to provide decent quality images and graphically-designed side views of every livery of every car that has ever taken part in the GPVWC since 2000. Contact details will be posted here shortly.
  • A list of Historical sideviews completed/required is now available on the Images project page.
Images Project participants edit
This is a list of people who are involved in gathering together source files for images, both historical and current, maintaining decent quality images, and working on producing graphics and images for us in the wiki and the GPVWC in general. Please add your name to the list if you intend to offer your help in this project (click 'edit' on the top right hand corner of this box-out).
Selected image edit

GRAB 119b.jpg

Dennis Jordan, Liam de Waal and Adam Maguire at the 2020 Brazilian GP.

Photo credit: Menno Klont
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