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Wales Red 5 Racing
Full name Red 5 Racing
Owner/s Wales Gavin Thomas
Base Wales Aberdare, Wales
Superleague Team Red 5 Racing SL
Début Australia Australia 2012
Supercup Team Red 5 Racing SC
Début Australia Australia 2010
Formula Challenge Team Red 5 Racing FC
Début Europe 2012 Formula Challenge
World Sport Series Team None
Début -
International Touring Cup Team None
Début -

Team Origin

Red 5 Racing was first thought of back in 1992, where Wayne Mullins and Gavin Thomas were watching the skillful and determined way Nigel Mansell claimed the Formula 1 drivers championship that year. So a Dream was born, they raced each other on Microprose Formula 1 Simulator Games throughout the years until Gavin left for the RAF. Years later Gavin returned and both he and Wayne found the spirit of competition was still burning bright within them. They Moved onto ISI's rFactor and joined up with the GPVWC, where Red 5 Racing finds itself today. The Team as a whole has grown to include Grand Prix Online, European Racing League and World Championship Simracing as series competed in. Wayne is now racing in a CART championship league after being banned from GPVWC and Gavin has taken up the reigns.Hopes are high Wayne will return in a driving form in 2012!


The year started with Red 5 Racing having both a Superleague and Supercup Licence. Despite securing the highly competitive Renault engine for the Superleague the team folded amidst allegations of a rift between Thomas and Mullins, this was never confirmed. Thomas concentrated on the Supercup competition, bringing in talented German driver Christoph Lichtenstein to partner him. The German proved a success taking an early championship lead. However, Lichtenstein then reneged on a contract to join Red 5's arch-nemesis, Draig Racing, whom he drove for the rest of the season and claimed both the drivers and constructors crown. Not one to be deterred Thomas forged ahead claiming two podiums into the bargain. Red 5 finished 4th in the constructors.


Thomas is back behind the wheel this year, early reports stated that Chris Allen was due to take the other spot, but the former Allen GP Owner/Driver failed to make it to Melbourne with a suspected broken shoulder. In his stead Thomas brought back his friend, the banned Wayne Mullins, under the pseudoname Ben Morgan. However, after eight races 'Morgan' only scored 4 points, all in Melbourne. He Left Red 5 Racing to concentrate on Superleague. Mark Stanton made a guest appearance in Silverstone. Red 5 Racing signed GPVWC Newcomer Alex Cooper who only competed in 1 race gaining a 5th. Thomas has since employed Kenney Lybeer and latterly Mullins ('Morgan') had returned to race for the Supercup outfit which finished the season in 13th place in the constructors with 29 points, Thomas having contributed 14 of those points. However with the acquisition of Computrac Motorsports and the future re-branding of that team to the Red 5 banner, things are looking up for the only welsh team to not be in administration. The team have also announced they will run three cars in the upcoming 2011 GPVWC Masters Series, with Thomas being joined under the Red 5 Banner by Promising Ulsterman Luke McKee and Welshman Mullins ('Morgan').


Red 5 Racing have been confirmed in the following classes for 2012. Superleague, World Sport Series, Formula Challenge, Endurance Series. Staff are: Superleague: Drivers: Wayne Mullins 20 , Gavin Thomas 21. Test Drivers: William Tringas, Geoff Meade

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