Viesturs Priede

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Latvia Viesturs Priede
Viesturs Priede helmet.png
Supercup Career
Nationality Latvia Latvian
Active Years 1
Team(s) Malta Force, Hawkeye Racing
Races 3
Podium finishes   
Pole positions
Fastest laps
First Race 2011 Mexican Grand Prix

Viesturs Priede is an Latvian driver in the GPVWC who comes from Riga, Latvia and is founder of NRT Racing. His debut in GPVWC was in Mexican Grand Prix where he was driving for Malta Force. Malta Force were the leaders of conctructors cup at that moment and as one of their drivers wasnt able to attend to that race - they invited Viesturs to drive for them his debut race. In an increadible way he managed to finish 8th after qualifying only 17th. Basically it was possible because of the huge ammount of retirements.

After that race he joined Hawkeye Racing but unfortunately because of PC problems he couldnt attend the first race in his new team. His first race with Hawkeye Racing was at legendary Interlagos track.

Now Viesturs have joined Master Series 2011 in his own team NRT Racing teaming up with his good old friend - Andrejs Pestovs

Priede`s 2011 NRT Racing Masters Series Car.