2010 Monaco Grand Prix

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The GPVWC arrived in Monaco, one of the most glamourous places on Earth, with the clear intention to put up a show worthy of such a great venue. The Championship-leading duo of Lee Morris and Janne Tanskanen occupied the first two places on the grid, setting up the premise of what was going to be a true GPVWC classic. Agustin Canapino and Nick Rowland filled row 2, with Fernando Babij and Mark Wicks behind.

At the start, a contact between Rowland and Canapino sent the Argentine into the back of Tanskanen car, with the Nordsjoen driver forced to go wide. However there was no damage for the Championship leader, although he did fall to 14th place. Right behind the leaders, Wicks gained air-miles courtesy of a masculine check by Wayne Mullins, but surprisingly both cars emerge unscathed and were able to continue.

The traditional Monaco first lap mayhem saw Mark Fuller collide with David Stanton and a three-car shunt with Mullins, Jason Muscat and Sam Millar. The main highlight of lap one, however, is provided by Gavin Thomas spinning and blocking the way at Mirabeau, which in turn caused all sorts of problems for the drivers behind. The worst affected were Mark Fuller, David Stanton and Christoph Lichtenstein, who all had to pit for repairs. The damage for Stanton's Nordsjoen Racing car was too much for him to continue - the English driver joining Vinodh Moodley among the retirees.

As usual in the Principality, the race became a war of attrition. Every mistake was paid for dearly as the barriers took victim after victim. Both Constant Racing drivers had to pit for repairs before lap 5, while even models of consistency such as Mark Wicks made mistakes and met the barriers. As Lee Morris sped away into the distance, he was closely followed only by team-mate Nick Rowland. Janne Tanskanen battled his way up the field and by lap 32 was on Babij's tail, fighting for P5 and, following Kieran Ryan's stop, took P4 (it would take him 13 laps to find clear air through).

Despite the Finn's brave comeback, it's a glory day for CSG Racing with Morris and Rowland creating a stunning 1-2 for the English team ahead of Tanskanen. Babij in 4th preceded the two Woods cars of Ryan and Wicks, as only 12 drivers made it to the end safely.

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