2010 Supercup Canadian Grand Prix

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The Canadian circuit of Montreal proved to be a very interesting one for the Supercup cars, with a few good battles coming out of a race which saw the absence of Championship leader Christoph Lichtenstein.

One of the closest qualifying sessions of the season saw Liam Hatchell claim pole by just a tenth of a second from Sam Millar, with Mickael Folcher another 2 tenths back. Millar got the best start, outbraking Hatchell around the outside of Turn 1, with Jason Muscat taking 3rd. However, Millar and Hatchell both had early spins handing the lead to Muscat.

A battle developed for 2nd between Folcher, Millar, Hatchell and Mark Stanton. However, it turned ugly when Folcher rammed Millar causing both drivers to retire and the French driver was called on by Race Directors after the race. Stanton also crashed out a few laps after this incident.

Hatchell caught and passed Muscat before halfway, only to lose the lead again in the pits. However Muscat disconnected from the server a few laps later, handing a easy win to Hatchell. Chris Williamson claimed yet another podium in 2nd, while Adam Smith achieved his first Supercup podium with 3rd.

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2010 Supercup Canadian Grand Prix
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