2010 Supercup Hungarian Grand Prix

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Liam Hatchell won his second race in succession at Pannonia Ring and seemingly threw his hat in the ring as one of the contenders for that season's Supercup title. The English driver, who so dominantly won in Abu Dhabi one week before, had no trouble dispatching the opposition, although Christoph Lichtenstein's 2nd place means Hatchell's gain in the Drivers' Championship was limited.

Third place went to a resurgent Gavin Thomas, who scored his first points of the season after a string of retirements. Mark Stanton finished in front of Chris Williamson, while there were no points for early retirees Robert Rose, David Stanton and Daniel Acosta.

Lichtenstein's switch to Draig Racing also meant a 1-2 finish for the team and marked the beginning of their climb to the top of the team rankings.

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2010 Supercup Hungarian Grand Prix
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