2010 Supercup Portuguese Grand Prix

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The Circuit de Estoril saw an exciting 8th round of the 2010 Supercup. With Liam Hatchell ahead of Jason Muscat and Wayne Mullins on the grid, the potential was there for the English driver to gain some considerable amount of points over Championship leader Christoph Lichtenstein.

The German driver seemed to make life easier for the leaders, as his poor start saw him drop two places to David Stanton and Gavin Thomas. The first phases of the race see plenty of action, with also a scuffle between Chris Williamson and Muscat - the Maltese driver being punted wide and suffering a costly puncture.

Lichtenstein, with his work cut out, took advantage of a wide running William Ponissi and set himself on Chris Williamson's tail. All these emotions, however, are overshadowed by the massive shunt which sees involved Nikos Evangelidakis and David Stanton. The Greek driver misjudged a turn and ended with his car hitting the tyre wall and bouncing back in the path of the Platform GP driver. Both cars caught air as a result - Evangelidakis retired but, incredibly, Stanton managed to get back on track.

Up front, Liam Hatchell was enjoying the free track and was running 2 seconds a lap quicker than anyone else. Behind him, Mullins rans in the barrier, opening the door to Lichtenstein who took 2nd position.

Just when he seemed unassailable in his lead, Hatchell then made a crucial mistake. Too much kerb in the fast chicane in sector 3 caused a half spin, but the English driver's reaction on the brakes then sent the car straight into a recovery truck. The driver was unhurt, but the same couldn't be said of his Draig Racing car. Despite the massive damage, Hatchell managed to limp home in 4th place, while Christoph Lichtenstein won and increased his advantage in the standings. The rest of the podium was completed by Chris Williamson and Robert Rose.

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