2010 Supercup Bahrain Grand Prix

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The scorching heat of Bahrain brought another win by English driver Liam Hatchell, who increasingly looked to diminish his rivals' advantage in the Championships - although he would have to live with Christoph Lichtenstein scoring 12 points with a good second place.

Hatchell, who got pole position over Mark Stanton by about half a second, led the race from start to finish and accumulated an advantage of almost a minute over the closest rival. The English driver could even allow himself some minor mistakes, such was his dominance of the race.

Christoph Lichtenstein had to watch his back from an on-form Stanton, with the duo involved in a long battle that lasted until the pit stops. A botched tyre change by the men of Constant Racing allowed the German driver to get away to secure another famous 1-2 for Draig Racing, which further cemented their commanding position in the Constructors' Championship.

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2010 Supercup Bahrain Grand Prix
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