January 23, 2008
Published on tags: Superleague
It's time to bid for engine and fuel suppliers. Bidding for these important suppliers will be done in a slightly different way than in the previous GPVWC/F1VWC seasons: this is due to several factors, including the one that we're all starting on the same level in this season! All teams will have an amount of money in their balance on the level of around 50-60 million pound. There will be many more ways to spend money in the GPVWC 2008, so don't worry if they seem an awful lot of money. You'll need to administer it carefully.

Bidding in 2008 will also involve man-to-man negotiation, with the GPVWC Admin team taking the role of the engine and fuel manufacturers. To add a bit of realism, engine companies (and fuel ones) will try to snatch the best deal too, or they'll ask for more details about your team's objectives (especially if there are many similar bids for the same supplier)