February 28, 2008
Published on tags: Superleague
One of the most prestigious brands in the history of the GPVWC, EIRE, is set not to appear on the grid anymore. The fans of the successful team led by William Ponissi, however, can have a sigh of relief at the news that the team is not going to disappear, but it is simply being rebadged with a new name.

In a press conference held at the team's headquarters in Cardiff, Wales, Mr Ponissi has announced that the outfit is going to be called Nordsjoen Racing. The Milan-born Manager then proceeded to unveil the 2008 car livery.

"It is a very important day for the Team and the GPVWC" Ponissi stated "and everyone here at Nordsjoen is looking forward to a very successful 2008 season". The Italian manager also explained how, in light of the renovations happening in the GPVWC, the rebadging of the league's most travelled team has also a symbolic meaning. "This would have been EIRE's 7th season, and we felt it was time for a change".

Nordsjoen Racing is going to retain all the record achieved by EIRE, in order to ensure continuity to the GPVWC's most historical team, which in the course of its history bagged almost 100 race starts.

After this moment, devoted to the change of name from EIRE to Nordsjoen, Mr Ponissi went on to introduce the 2008 contender of the newly renamed team. On the podium with him was Nordsjoen's co-owner, Miss Birgitte Kahrs Wangensteen, from Kristiansand, Norway.


"Our first Nordsjoen livery has been inspired by the philosophy our team has: clarity, commitment, passion. It features one of the cleanest that the GPVWC ever had, and I'm personally very proud of it. The livery is the work, once more, of one of Italy's leading designers, Gene Annunziata. I am proud to announce that his company, Confidence Design, will be sponsoring Nordsjoen from this season. I would also like to thank art whiz Bob Barnby for the design of the new Team logo".

Nordsjoen Racing is yet to announce the drivers that will take part in either the Grand Prix 4 and rFactor Championships, and for the moment the car bears the names Wangensteen and Ponissi on the sides. "You cannot rule out that both Birgitte and I will take the wheel at some point through the season" joked Mr Ponissi, "but you can be sure that the official line-ups will be much more competitive than that".

"The Nordsjoen Racing team also proceeded to hold a private testing session at Pembrey track, Wales, to allow the photographers to take the first on-track pictures of the new car."