March 17, 2008
Published on tags: Superleague
The GPVWC Administration is happy and proud to announce the opening of The Motorsport News, an exclusive racing blog hosted on the website of Grand Prix Virtual World Championship. This column is available by clicking on the button in the menu on the left side of the page.

The start of this new adventure is possible thanks to the cooperation of Philip Cullen, who will be the main curator of the newborn blog: Phil, besides being a highly successful driver in the GPVWC, is also a very skilled young journalist, and his racing blog "The Chequered Flag" is one of the freshest, most interesting perspectives on the world of motorsport.

The Motorsport News will also host other contributors, chosen among some of Europe's brightest young journalists, in an attempt to bring to all users of GPVWC the latest opinions, the best analysis and the widest range of themes from racing all over the world!

On behalf of all the GPVWC Administration, and while inviting everybody to visit "The Chequered Flag", I offer Phil and the Motorsport News the best wishes for this new adventure, here at GPVWC!