April 12, 2008
Published on tags: Superleague
In these days we are working to start the Grand Prix 4 F1 Championship on date, so stay tuned to these pages! As all of you know, we will be racing in Australia from the 15th to the 21st of April, so all teams should start thinking about contacting their drivers and setting their race strategies... the first points of the championship are coming soon!

At the moment, and until contract system is working all teams must send an email to admin@gpvwc.com with his lineup drivers (race and test drivers) in order to have all sorted. Rules document will be available temporarily from here.

The first race of the 2008 season will involve a slightly different procedure in comparison with the rest of the Championship. The fully automated system is about to be published, but we prefer to test it a bit longer before introducing it for official sessions: therefore, here are the instructions to complete successfully the Australian Grand Prix.

Team Managers are required to submit their lineups, comprising of 2 race drivers and one optional test driver, by sending an email to admin@gpvwc.com.

Drivers will be able to download the required files (their team's physics file, performance file and gp4.exe) from the GPVWC website's Download area, and will be able to check the relevant checksums in the event info area.

Free practice can be completed in any way the team finds suitable, following the GPVWC rules as indicated in the 1.1 Rulebook, and by sending files afterwards to lapchecking@gpvwc.com. Remember that free practice is useful to gain improvements for the car.

Drivers will STILL be required to request a TL code for both qualifying and racing. Competing drivers will request the code, insert it in their performance file in place of their team's engine, save the file and upload it in GpxPatch. The sessions have to be completed according to the GPVWC rules.

Once completed, the savefiles have to be sent to lapchecking@gpvwc.com.