April 15, 2008
Published on tags: Superleague
After months of preparations, it is finally time to get the engines started and kick off our 2008 season! As introduced in the previous news item, the Australian Grand Prix will follow some different procedures, so here is a handy guide to get through the race week with no trouble. Free Practice starts at 00.00 GMT on Tuesday 15 April, and ends at 23.59 GMT.

Team managers, and even more importantly drivers, will need to use GPxPatch v.3.92 with the game: the program can be downloaded by clicking HERE (1.18 Mb). Grand Prix 4 has to be set with the 9.6 patch. Among other options in GPxPatch, Fix Pitstop bug has to be enabled, just as "Car power team dependant" must be checked as well. Save/restore has to be disabled.

Other files that need to be used are:

.GP4.exe (a new one will be issued for the race)

.Performance File

.Physics file (start-of-season physics are the same for all teams).

These files can be downloaded inside this RAR file (1 Mb).

Drivers are free to complete the practice session in whatever way they like. Teams can field up to three different drivers, and any driver can complete as many laps as he wants. The total number of laps driven by the team's drivers will count towards the improvements, as indicated in the rulebook.

Drivers are required to do their laps in Free Practice mode, with custom weather set to 0% chances of rain and on Ace level. Send the savegame to lapchecking@gpvwc.com before midnight GMT (11 pm British Summer Time). Remember that the number of stints influence the price teams pay for tyres - so if you complete 20 laps in one stint, the team will only pay one set of tyres, but if you complete 20 laps in 4 stints, the team will need to pay 4 sets of tyres.

For more information, contact admin@gpvwc.com