April 17, 2008
Published on tags: Superleague
The 2008 GPVWC Canadian Grand Prix offered an incredible show to all the fans following this exciting season. A tense race, full of overtaking moves and close duels, has been won by Mark Wicks who drove home only 3.7 seconds faster than second placed Jeroen Jansen.

The Dutch driver, who finally scored his first points of the season, was surprised by a quick move by Wicks in the opening lap, only to recover and lead most of the first half of the race. Behind the battling duo, William Ponissi was one of the best starters, passing both Jansen and Laurentiu Albu in the opening lap, and then engaging a fierce fight with Martijn Vosselman. In the back of the pack, Mal McKee was left struggling with a complicated Synergetic, while Daniel Bolman was forced to pit as early as lap 4 due to a broken nosecone.

After the early skirmishes, the race settled in a furious pace, with only Laurentiu Albu relatively at ease in P3. In front of him, Jansen found himself with 20 laps to go and a 12 second gap from the leading Wicks: undaunted, the Platform Michelangelo driver started setting a string of fast laps, and closing in on the Cornish driver with just three laps to go. However, a series of attacks at the hairpin and the last chicane proved unsuccessful, and Mark Wicks managed to cross the line in front. A slender, but decisive lead for the Woods ace, who netted his third win of the season and increased the space between him and the chasers in the drivers' Championship.

With Albu on the lowest step of the podium, William Ponissi was the last driver in the lead lap - the first time the Italian driver achieves that. Martijn Vosselman closed one lap down, gaining four precious points for his team in the process.