May 06, 2008
Published on tags: Superleague
The GPVWC circus is now ready to begin the week-long activities for round 3! From the scorching heat of Malaysia to the even more scorching heat of Bahrain, the Championship is now starting to show the balances of power within the F1 league: Mark Wicks lead the pack in the Drivers' rankings, but in the Constructors' Nordsjoen is currently in the top spot.

Bahrain welcomes the GPVWC circus at the Sakhir track, known for its sand dunes that more often than not blow stuff on the circuit - making it very slippery in the process! Sakhir is also the first custom track of the season, and you can download it HERE.

The performance file, exe file and physics files can be downloaded HERE instead. As usual, Free Practice will not require a TL code or weather seed. Files to be sent to