May 09, 2008
Published on tags: Superleague
For full Bahrain qualifying results, click HERE.

It's three Grand Prix and three different men sitting in Pole Position! Jeroen Jansen, Platform Michelangelo's Dutch driver, did a masterpiece in qualifying and finally put a smile on the faces of the Spanish team: it will now be interesting to see how Jansen will be able to convert this performance into points, and possibly the team's first ever win in the VWC!

Behind the leader, the ever-consistent Mark Wicks, only 4 tenths slower than Jansen, looks eager to increase his point tally in the Drivers' Championship in a track better suited to his Woods Racing than Sepang was. The second row is made up by Laurentiu Albu on Belami Racing and Mal McKee on Synergetic, both out-qualifying Nordsjoen's Scott Whiteman; speculation is rife on whether the Australian ace, who won in Malaysia last week, is loaded in fuel.

The last three drivers to qualify regularly are the returnant Daniel Bolman, this time on Tanskanen, William Ponissi and Martijn Vosselman. Michelangelo Manrique, instead, was prevented from qualifying due to some technical problems, and will start his race from the pitlane.

As the drivers prepare for the race, here is some information to set the game up properly for the race. This event will see a new reliability system introduced, which requires drivers to turn all failures ON. The weather has to be set to CUSTOM, with a rain percentage of 0%.

The drivers can obtain the race files by clicking HERE. (click here to download the new track for the race instead). Upon starting the race, the driver will need to insert his Paddock Pass in the field on the main page, and obtain the TL Code and the Weather seed.

The drivers will need to send all the finished races to

Happy racing!