May 27, 2008
Published on tags: Superleague
The yachts, the glamour, the lifestyle: in one word, Montecarlo! The GPVWC arrived in the Principality for the highlight of the season, the race that can make a career, the event which draws the attention of the world, the Monaco Grand Prix.

But beyond the jet-set and the surroundings, Monaco is about the smell of fuel in the twisty turns of the track; it's about slamming the foot to the floor under the iconic tunnel, it's about getting one inch from the barriers and not any closer. Monaco is at the same time the sweet taste of success, and the bitter one of defeat.

This season's race features both drivers who have a previous experience in the streets of the Principality, and complete newcomers. Mark Wicks will be looking to finish his first Monaco GP in three attempts, in order to increase his lead in the Drivers' Championship. He'll have a strong opposition in the likes of Adam Rouse (whose only previous Monaco experience was a DNF in 2007) and Laurentiu Albu, with the Romanian driver at his first experience here. Ironically, the only driver in the current line-up who has completed a Monaco GP in his career is William Ponissi, who ended up tenth - in 2002.

While most drivers are not going to worry too much about statistics, there is something to keep their mind busy - the weather. Although a country in the heart of the Mediterranean, Monaco isn't gifted by the sunshine this time around. Dark clouds are gathering over the Principality, and there could be an occurrence of rain at some stage during the weekend.

Monaco Free Practice files can be downloaded HERE.

Monaco Qualifying files can be downloaded HERE.