May 31, 2008
Published on tags: Superleague
Full Qualifying results: HERE.

Race File pack: HERE.

Weather update!

One hour before the race, it's raining steadily here in Monaco. The track is soaked and the streets in Montecarlo are slippery and treacherous. However, weather forecasts in the Principality assume the rain won't last too long, with the possibility of a drying track further in the race. Due to the probability of rain, drivers are invited to check carefully for weather indication in the moment they get the TL Code. Furthermore, in the chance of rain, drivers will be allowed to change the wing angle settings and the tyre compound in addition to the normally allowed in-car setup changes.

Warning! This race can become very long, so TL time has been increased to 2 hours and 30 minutes for this race. Saving is allowed in pit-stops. If the race lasts longer than 2 hours, like in F1, we will count the results up to that point.

Traditions are something that traces its roots in history; few people know what they are about, or why they originated, yet most keep following them. This seems to be the case in the GPVWC as well, where its most honoured tradition - having one new man in pole position in every Grand Prix - has been obediently respected. Mal McKee clinched Pole with a clean lap that not only left him clear of the barriers, but also of Jeroen Jansen, his closest competitor. McKee scored his and Synergetic's first pole position, and to do so in a track like Monaco, where having a good starting position is of the uttermost importance, will surely leave him looking forward towards a commanding performance in the race. Third position went to Laurentiu Albu, while Championship Leader Mark Wicks had a very bad day, being preceded by both Michelangelo Manrique and Wicks's own team-mate Martijn Vosselman.

The last driver to qualify normally was Daniel Bolman of Tanskanen, while both Nordsjoens were halted in the pitlane due to some parts failing to materialise, and will therefore start from the pit-lane.

Come race day, Mark Wicks will need to do his best to fend off Albu's attack to his championship lead - while other drivers, spearheaded by McKee, will try to score important results and increase their point tally in this race. Monaco has always reserved surprises and excitingly tense races - and this year's seem to offer one of the best in our memory.