June 27, 2008
Published on tags: Superleague
In one of the most awaited events by our community, the GPVWC carset has been published today - a massive improvement for the racing enjoyment of all the drivers in the league. Together with the carset, a whole set of new features have been unveiled: a beautifully crafted hud system, customised with the GPVWC logo, new cockpit graphics and the official GPVWC 2008 loading screens for Grand Prix 4.

The carset, which features the official liveries of all the GPVWC Teams and a standard livery for the empty slots of the grid, is the product of Michelangelo Manrique's work: it includes new, custom-made steering wheel and cockpit internal graphics, and is available to download HERE. This release is the first one of a series, and it'll soon be integrated by the addition of personalised drivers' helmets and a new gp4.exe modifying arms and rims colours. As this one is released, the first basic ideas are already being laid regarding the 2009 carset, which will feature also custom shapes, leaving teams the choice of this important element of the bodywork.

The 2008 GPVWC Hud system is the fruit of a brilliant idea by Mal McKee, who personally modified, customised and improved a previous project of his. It features a revolution counter, speed meter in both KMH and MPH and a wealth of information regarding the car and the race. The latest, welcome addition is a brand new and exclusive G-Force meter, which will inform drivers of the forces acting on their virtual necks in real time. The Hud system is available by clicking HERE.

Finally, the official GPVWC loading screen for Grand Prix 4 has been released. The files are available HERE.

Installation information:

- to install the carset, simply unpack the cars.wad file in your Grand Prix 4 directory.

- to install the Hud System, unpack the .rar file and follow the instruction provided in the GPVWC 2008 HUD notes.htm file.

- to install the loading screens, unpack all the files in the Grand Prix 4/MAPS/RESOURCES/Loading folder.