September 27, 2008
Published on tags: Superleague
The sun shone on Monza as the GPVWC cars took to the track in the Italian Grand Prix qualifying session. The lack of rain might have confused the plans of some teams, with some drivers choosing not to take part in the session - and therefore choosing to have a free setup choice in the race - but still it provided an exciting spectacle.

With Championship leader Laurentiu Albu and runner-up Mark Wicks not on track, Nordsjoen's William Ponissi scored his first career pole position - incidentally, on his home track, just 10 km away from his home town of Rodano. Behind him, a seemingly faster Jeroen Jansen on Platform Michelangelo was penalised due to some technical irregularities on his car, and lost the pole to the Italian driver.

With Albu and Wicks due to be joined by Scott Whiteman in the race, nothing is decided yet in the 2008 Italian Grand Prix.

Weather seed: 63547,36390,16469,5947,35204,55868 Probability of rain: 0%