December 18, 2008
Published on tags: Superleague
The Grand Prix Virtual World Championship (GPVWC) is happy to announce, through the Administration team of Michelangelo Manrique and William Ponissi, the official opening of the new website that will accompany us in the 2009 Season.

This year will be full of new, exciting offers for the GPVWC. The most interesting is surely represented by the introduction of the rFactor Superleague, GPVWC's new premier competition: an online, action-packed, championship that follows the GPVWC's tradition of extensive team management and marks the introduction of online racing, the future of simulators.

The Superleague will be paired with the new World Tournament Series, a series of events for Grand Prix 4 racing, based on short-distance races on a knockout system. In addition to winning the single rounds of the Series, the drivers will be able to collect points counting towards the WTS title!

But the new GPVWC is not only about racing! Check out our new, exciting services; buy GPVWC apparel in the store; discuss sim- and real life racing in the Forums; or read some of Europe's finest young journalists in our blog.

At the GPVWC, we know how to make a great simracing community: the only thing that's missing, is YOU!

GPVWC 2009: Pure Passion for Simracing.