February 04, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
As February starts in full swing for the GPVWC Superleague, many of the 12 accredited teams are now in the process of signing drivers. With only a week to the first official GPVWC test (date and location still to announce), one of the most active outfits has been league newcomer Evans Blue Racing.

The Finnish team, which hails from Joensuu in North Karelia, has confirmed the signing of the two race drivers for the 2009 season - and, in truly patriotic spirit, both are Finns. The presentation of the pair took place in the Blue Tech Centre in Hanko - and the drivers were unveiled as Janne Tanskanen and Jyri Lylykorpi.

Team manager Makke Ala-Kalistaja commented: "Drivers were the first purchase for Evans Blue in GPVWC. We hired drivers that we know very well and what they are capable of. Janne and Jyri are talented and hard-working drivers and they suit the team perfectly. We will probably look for another driver for testing duties and who could take over either of our race driver's seat in case Janne or Jyri can't attend a race."

Evans Blue weren't the only team involved in driver signing this week. Also Platform Michelangelo Team filled up both its driver slots, with the confirmation of last year's lineup of Michelangelo Manrique and Jeroen Jansen, while Chris Allen joins Jamie Fitzjohn at Convex XRX.

The last team to fill both seats - and the first to do it in chronological order - was Conde Racing Competicion, which snapped the family pair of Roberto Walter and Roberto Luis Conde.