February 18, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
Signatures, ink on paper. No more time for games, it's time for business. As of tonight, 7 of the 12 GPVWC teams signed deals with engine suppliers and ensured the powerplants for the upcoming season.

Stalwarts of the league Nordsjoen Racing, Platform Michelangelo and Woods Racing all came home with the safety of deals with Honda, Ferrari and Renault respectively. And while for Nordsjoen and PM the deal represents the start of a new era, for Woods is the confirmation of the special relationship the Croydon team enjoys with the French manufacturers.

Renault was also the protagonist of a shock move, switching from World Champion Laurentiu Albu's Belami Racing team to league newcomers R4 Engineering. Speculation is already rife to the decision Albu will make about the new engine supplier, with insiders and pundits alike divided on whether the Romanian team should side with Cosworth or Honda.

Cosworth already signed a deal in this season, with Finnish outfit Evans Blue Racing, while elsewhere Convex XRX announced, via manager Jamie Fitzjohn, that a deal had been struck with Mercedes. The last team to close a deal was Team Mach4, which will be powered by Ferrari in 2009.

With big names such as Belami Racing and Synergetic Motorsport left without an engine supplier, together with newcomers Conde Racing Competicion, Team Edge Radio and Phoenix Racing, much is yet to be decided.

By the end of the deal market, set on Thursday at 8 PM GMT, the GPVWC world will have a clearer idea of who stands where in the 2009 season.