February 22, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
Woods Racing team manager Ollie Woods today praised a massive team effort at the Zolder track in Belgium in yesterday's second test. The team managed to put out four drivers for a total of 412 laps, and Ollie could only admire the work put in:

"To field three drivers and a wannabe such as myself is an amazing feat by our mechanics and engineers, not least because of the sheer amount of damage to my car that they had to fix! We made a hell of a lot of progress through that test - we've introduced all four of us to the WR09a that's currently in progress, Juha's made further progress, Mark was amazing to do his laps and then have to attend a meeting, and Ryan did well when I wasn't on the radio to him distracting him! And I didn't come last for once, so there's definitely progress."

Ollie was also quick to toast the new sponsor and engine deals: "We're very pleased to have Renault on board again with their engines; they did an amazing job for us last year and will do again this year. Pepsi are phenomenal for sticking with us for yet another year, as are Xbox 360. Expect Major Nelson to be doing an Inside Xbox segment from our garage soon! Sony Ericsson have always provided great communication for me at home so I'm glad to have them. We hope to have Kopparberg cider too but are currently having re-negotiations with them about using their logo. With these sponsors in place we've got enough money to see us through."

So, to Donington, and Ollie's hopeful: "We're spending a lot of time this week in the Woods HQ, going over simulations of Donington because I'm not sure we've all done a lot of laps there. It's a great track, however, and I hope we can make even more of a mark on the timesheets. I'm hoping to be there in the car - though I don't expect to do full testing duties in-season - and I hope the others will all be there too, complete with helmets now I've designed Juha's and sent it to the painters! The real car should be done either by Thursday or by the next test, definitely."