February 22, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
With the majority of teams in the GPVWC involved in the test at Zolder, Belgium, external observers had a premium chance to see the teams at work with their new kit.

However, such chance wasn't lost on the drivers themselves either - and there were plenty of comments on the pre-season testing, performances and much much more. GPVWC Media collected some of the comments after the 13-hour test.

Makke Ala-Kalistaja, CEO Evans Blue Racing:

"Positions are pretty good but the gap to the first position is horrible. This is not what we expected. And not only our gap to front but also guys behind us are very much behind. It can be dangerous if they dont pick up the pace.

Jyri did quite good job and did a decent lap time. He was much happier with his car than Janne. But he was +1.4 from the fastest time which I don't understand. There is something suspicious with these 1.10 times. Maybe not all the wheels were on track all the time, I don't know. Maybe they found something huge we didn't.

Janne's time was far from good. He had problems with the setup. Couldn't find the right balance at all. I expect more from him in the future."

Janne Tanskanen, Evans Blue Racing:

"I can't be happy with this result. I was over 2 seconds slower than my teammate. I know some things that went wrong in the test and what I will improve next time, but I don't know whether they are worth 2 seconds. Set ups were very hard to find but I'm sure I will learn how to make them with the car. I didn't like the circuit, luckily the ones on the calendar suit me better."

Jamie Fitzjohn, Convex XRX:

"I would just like to say a big well done to Chris Allen for what we think was an outstanding drive in the second test. I personally have not had alot of time with Chris but after yesterdays results it shows his true potential."

With less than a week to a new test in Donington, things are really starting to liven up at GPVWC. As the heat and the tension for the forthcoming season build up, we can only look forward to the next step in the Road to 2009.