February 27, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
The GPVWC arrives in Donington for yet another pre-season test after the inaugural runs in Mo i Rana and Zolder. With so many of the 12 GPVWC teams based in Britain, a test in England would have had already all it takes to be a memorable occasion. But the test in Donington represents something more than that.

GPVWC cars will, indeed, run for the first time on one of the 18 tracks in the 2009 Season Calendar - thus providing drivers, managers and fans with a first glimpse of what the Championship has got in store.

The British test will be also the occasion, for a considerable amount of teams, to show off their new liveries. One that will not be missed will surely be the one of the league's latest arrival, D.O.R. (Daniel Ortega Racing) - insider sources described it as "colourful, uplifting and fun": another team rumoured to present their new skin is R4 Engineering, which recently signed a lucrative sponsorship deal with EA Games and is therefore likely to feature the company's logo on its car, while Nordsjoen, Woods and Conde Racing are likely to appear with a temporary "test livery".

The test, as is now a GPVWC tradition, will take part over several sessions, with drivers free to join and leave at will. However, there are some differences in comparison with the last test, as the track behaviour rules will be enforced more strictly, where possible. Namely:

- Pit lane speed limiter MUST be used. A failure to use it will result in one point removed from the Superlicense and a