March 04, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
America, America!

The GPVWC is heeding the call millions made in the past and will cross the pond to find fortunes in the New World.

After a fun and unusual test in Milwaukee in 2002, the GPVWC has only been in the USA for the Indianapolis Grand Prix - and never again for test sessions. However, things are going to change soon, with a test session scheduled for the mythical Sebring track.

It will be a bumpy affair; it will be tough and it will be challenging, Sebring being very different from the narrower, smoother Formula One tracks GPVWC drivers are used to. But it will be a fun and interesting day nonetheless, with some big names scheduled to appear in the session.

With the Circus heading to Florida, the countdown for the season keeps ticking... Melbourne's coming soon.