March 10, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
Adam Rouse and Joe Consiglio were the fastest men on track in the Sebring test, the Nordsjoen duo setting very similar times and topping the sheets ahead of Platform's Jero Jansen.

The long, difficult travel to Florida meant many teams chose to carry on private tests in their home countries rather than taking all their personnel, cars and spares across the ocean. This resulted in a reduced turnout of 8 cars, only 7 of them recording a lap time.

While Nordsjoen can be happy about the performance of their drivers, no real indication can be taken from this test. With the very fast duo of Janne Tanskanen and Jyri Lylykorpi back in Hanko, together with other promising drivers not taking part, the cards are still very much covered on the way to Melbourne.

The pretty hectic testing schedule of the GPVWC will now take a break for a week to allow a full race simulation, that will enable drivers and managers to experience the procedures and systems that will be used during the season.

Full test results can be accessed HERE.

NOTE: because of some issues, some of the results files went missing. If you notice your time to be wrong, or missing altogether, please send the log file to