March 20, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
Joe Consiglio was the fastest man on track in the highly anticipated last test before the start of the season. The Maltese driver brought his Nordsjoen very close to the time recorded by Laurent Keersmaekers in the previous Donington test, and was able to fine tune the car he will be bringing to the start in Melbourne after his promotion to race driver.

Behind him, Chris Allen was surprisingly fast in his Convex - despite rumours he might be leaving the team soon to pursue the dream of creating an outfit of his own. In third place, Mark Stanton was the latest in a generation of "Golden Testers" - the Briton in the sight of a few teams in need of drivers which could ask Evans Blue for a loan.

The teams are now already on the way to Melbourne, Australia, where the first Grand Prix of the season will take place. Online racing has come to the GPVWC... and in less than one week, it will already bring its first ever race winner!

Full test results can be accessed HERE.