March 25, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
The wait is finally over. After a long but exhilarating pre-season, the time has come for things to really matter.

The GPVWC arrives in Melbourne for the 2009 Australian GP, the first ever online race for the league. The pundits' favourites, Joe Consiglio, will be looking forward to starting the season with the right foot, while behind him the likes of Janne Tanskanen, Adam Rouse and Mark Wicks will surely try to spoil the party for the Maltese driver.

The newly presented format, with 1 hour long races preceded by 30 minutes of practice and 20 of qualification. In between, a 10 minutes break will allow drivers to relax before the race in Australia's gruelling heat.

The GPVWC is about to write history... where will you be on Thursday night?