April 07, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
After missing out on the season-opening Australian Grand Prix, the race in China was another grim affair for Platform Michelangelo. Widely tipped to do well, with ace driver Jeroen Jansen back behind the wheel, the Spanish team ended up with no points after both Jansen and stand-in Neil Peters had to retire.

It surely represented a chance thrown away, with Jeroen Jansen that, until his engine gave away, had driven an awesome race that had brought him up to third position. Furthermore, it was a twist of irony to see Michael Pitman, powered by the same Ferrari engine as Platform Michelangelo, coast to 6th place in his Gear F1.

Team principal Michelangelo Manrique, however, is determined the engine failure in Shanghai is an isolated accident: "We are making sure the car reliability is spot-on by the time we get in Japan," he said to the Spanish press "and we'll use the chance of the forthcoming test to make sure Jeroen can express his talent to the best."

Manrique is also rumoured to be planning a comeback to the driving seat, returning to the car that was occupied by Neil Peters in China.