April 19, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
After a thrilling start of the 2009 season, the GPVWC leaves Asia to arrive on European shores; and what beaches could they be if not those of Monaco?

The world's most glamourous place welcomes the Championship as the Constructors' and Drivers' rankings take shape into a heated confrontation between Evans Blue Racing (and their lead driver Janne Tanskanen) and Nordsjoen Racing (propelled by Rouse-Consiglio), although much promise is held by other outfits that haven't reaped the rewards they expected in the opening stages of the season. It will indeed be interesting to see whether the twisting Circuit de Monaco will be a turning point in the season for Allen GP, Woods Racing and Platform Michelangelo.

After the Monaco race, the European campaign of the GPVWC continues with a visit to a new entry in the Championship, the Charade track in France. Mostly known as the Clermont-Ferrand track, this technically challenging track has a glorious history, hosting the F1 Grand Prix in 1972 for the last time. For GPVWC drivers, the learning curve for this unusual track will be particularly steep - pundits predict Charade will separate the boys from the men.

The calendar will then provide a quickfire of interesting, charming and exotic tracks, with Finland and Russia hosting their first ever GPVWC race and sandwiching a Championship classic, the British Grand Prix. Donington will be the host of the race - a track very well known to GPVWC drivers due to its use during winter tests, just a few months ago.

The European season will also be the moment, for most teams, to develop improvements to their cars. The results will be pivotal in determining who will have the upper hand before heading off to Bahrain and South Africa, the last two races before the lenghty summer stop.