April 22, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
The 2009 GPVWC season is keeping its promise of great emotions, thrills and excitement thanks to some amazing races at the start of the season. Wins by Tanskanen, Rouse and Consiglio have been masterpieces of ability which have set an already very high bar for all the members of the league; however, the driver's heroics are not the only factor that make the GPVWC one of the best competitions on the net.

Today, indeed, the GPVWC is happy to announce another great step towards the development of the best experience for managers with the introduction of the new Finance module and the completion of the long-awaited Research & Development system.

The GPVWC Finances, retroactively updated with data from the the start of season, include all transactions - income and expenditure - of the 12 teams taking part in the Superleague. Managers will be allowed to monitor the amount of money the team can invest in development, parts and testing. This module will play a very important part in the league development as it now empowers managers to shape the destiny of their teams.

Similarly, the Research & Development module, which will be released to managers at the end of the Monaco Grand Prix, allows teams to improve their cars - the ultimate difference between success and failure, victory and humiliation.

Both features are the proof that GPVWC keeps developing towards the aim of offering the deepest and most comprehensive racing and team managing experience on the net!