April 24, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
The GPVWC arrived in the Mediterranean jewel of Monaco hoping to find the familiar sight of girls in bikini sunbathing on the luxury yachts moored in the harbour: reality, however, was much more grim than that.

A deluge of epic proportions, indeed, flooded the narrow streets of the Principality, making what usually is a dangerous and unforgiving track a real risk for the drivers' safety. The GPVWC Administration, after a quick discussion with Team Managers, Drivers and GPVWC Weatherman Brolly Forevah, decided to call off a race that would have been ran in treacherous conditions.

The Monaco Grand Prix, however, will not be scrapped altogether; this exciting event will simply shift one month forward, being rescheduled for Thursday, 21st May 2009. The league will proceed to the next stage, the French Grand Prix at the Circuit Charade.

There are also further changes in the calendar. A track reconnaissance performed at the Ahvenisto racetrack in Finland deemed the track not to conform to the GPVWC homologation rules. "It is with great regret that we have to pull out of the Finnish Grand Prix" said William Ponissi, one of the two GPVWC Administrators, "but the narrow track, together with no runoff areas, made it impossible to run there with our cars."

As a compensation, the Ahvenisto track owners got assured that at least one stage of a future GPVWC tin-top championship will be ran in the beautiful Finnish track.

The replacement for the Finnish Grand Prix will be provided by the fast Mondello Park racetrack - which will become the host of the first ever Irish Grand Prix. The circuit, only a few km away from Synergetic's Phil Cullen's hometown will sure prove a popular choice with local fans, who will flock to see Cullen and Irish star Kieran Ryan, and for Northern Irish fans who will not need to travel to the British GP to cheer on Mal McKee.