May 20, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
Now it really is time to play. After the washout that caused the postponement of the Monaco Grand Prix from its original date, the moment has finally come for the GPVWC cars to fight their way through the small streets of the Principality in the hardest, most demanding and most gruesome race of the season.

Monaco is, to use a cliche', the place that separates the boys from the men. Few races are this testing for the drivers; in no other place any mistake can mean retirement. In Monaco, points should be given to each of the drivers who finish the race: thinking hard, they probably will.

Championship joint leaders Janne Tanskanen and Joe Consiglio come to Montecarlo being chased by Adam Rouse, just two points shy of the leading pair. The top three, however, have to watch their backs from a resurgent Phil Perkins, an increasingly fast Philip Cullen and several other drivers who are showing they can be threatening the top boys on any good day. The Monaco Grand Prix will also see the debut for Kieran Ryan on Platform Michelangelo, the first race for Maximum Racing and the appearance on Gear F1 of Welsh newcomer Wayne Mullins.

History teaches that Monaco can bring up unexpected results. In 2008, Mal McKee clinched his first win under the pouring rain - and will hope to finish a race for the very first time this season. Predictions are bound to be dismissed, underdogs might spring up a surprise. The only certainty is that tomorrow, at this time, we will be celebrating a new hero in the history of GPVWC.