June 15, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
GPVWC has unveiled the Partnership Programme, an ambitious project that aims to bring sponsors and partners to the league and help simracing-minded companies find promotion opportunities within the activities of the GPVWC itself.

The GPVWC has, throughout its history, established itself as one of the most professional, realistic and enjoyable simracing experiences on the internet. With a new cutting-edge website, the introduction of online racing and an expansion into new terrains such as a popular column by European journalists, this is turning out to be the most important moment in the 9-year history of one this League.

The GPVWC represents a valid opportunity for racing- and simracing-related companies to advertise their products at competitive rates to a ever-growing community of hundreds of racing fans from all over the world, on a website receiving more than 5000 hits per day.

Target companies share some fundamental values with the GPVWC: dedication, passion and commitment to excellence - what both them and us put into our activities day in, day out. Advertising banners on this website, sponsoring of individual championships and promotional activities are just a few of the ways in which companies can maximise their exposure in the simracing world and supporting one of the most popular leagues on the net.

With a presence on popular sites like Facebook and YouTube - where pictures, reports and videos of our events are published - the GPVWC can make sure brands become known to a wider audience.

The GPVWC offer several ways for companies or activities to be promoted to our global audience. Companies can choose among different packages tailored to answer every kind of marketing need: to obtain further information, download the GPVWC Partnership Programme prospect.