June 18, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
The GPVWC Group, the organisation bringing you all the GPVWC Competitions, is happy to announce to the Community the plans for the 2010 season, the second to be run with rFactor: after a successful 2009, now reaching midway point, the premises are there for a solid season of steady growth.

The 2010 season will feature the Superleague, once again, as its most prominent competition; furthermore, a new edition of the Master Series, following the one that will be launched on a separate platform in the summer of 2009, will see green lights on the GPVWC Website.

2010 will represent a steady improvement on the previous year, with all the most popular GPVWC features, such as team management, finances and contracts being brought on: however, there will also be changes. The Research & Development system, available in a basic version this year, will become more detailed and realistic thanks to a new physics improvement structure; furthermore, the Calendar will be refined with only the tracks that have been used successfully in the course of 2009 retaining their place, and new tracks - guaranteed suited to the GPVWC Superleague mod - joining the event list.

One of the biggest changes between the 2009 and 2010 seasons, however, will be the introduction of a Team and Driver licensing scheme aimed at reducing the massive costs the GPVWC Group is experiencing. With server rental and hosting fees reaching a massive