August 23, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
The GPVWC website is a complex, intricate jewel of webdesign created with the aim of providing members and admins with a smooth, hassle-free racing experience.

Its systems take care automatically of contracts, finances and results, and great care is taken to ensure all procedures work correctly. However, constant maintenance is required to make sure the website is always up to scratch, and new features and corrections are applied daily.

To help members keep track of all the behind-the-scenes changes, the main page now features a handy "update log", indicating the most recent changes applied by the Development team to the website - whether they have any interaction with the normal member use or belong to the deepest bowels of the code.

It is also interesting, every now and then, to look at the statistics relative to the usage of the website. On a monthly basis, a brief update will be issued about the traffic generated by the website.

Even in a month like July, heavily influenced by the Summer Break, it is important noting 453 unique visits - a good indication of the good health of the league brought by the Superleague and the more recent addition of the Masters Series.

Starting from September 1st, such reports will be able to keep track of trends of usage, allowing the Administration, and the Users, to better understand strengths and weaknesses of the community, in order to bring a much improved experience to all.