August 23, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
Looking back at the statistics for the month of July, the GPVWC Administration is happy with the stats reported for domain: the data shows the project is growing in the right direction, providing everyone in the Group with an incentive to recharge the batteries and start working again in the fall period.

Members data:

129 total members

46 with superlicense

34 with current contract

The domain had a good performance in July, having 453 unique visitors and a total of 1787 visits. This is really good and show how people is returning -in visits- the hard work the Administration is offering. A total of 7266 pages were viewed (4.06 pages per visitor) and 71346 hits were counted (39.96 hits per visitor).

The top number of visits was on 01 July with a total of 91 for this day. However the top of pages viewed was on 02 July with 755 and 6358 hits.

Analising country data, Great Britain was on top in July with 2937 pages and 23523 hits, followed by Spain with 1724 pages. Others were Greece (693 pages), USA (686 pages). Makes you wonder who looks at those pages.

An interesting info is related with Operating Systems. Here, Windows is on the top in July with 56.10% followed by Linux with 41.50%.

Strangely, even considering the predominance of Windows, people seems to prefer Firefox (69.70%) over IE (25.00%). Users have been connecting to by Direct Access (92.90%), Search Engines (1.70%) - where Google has enourmous advantage over Windows Live or Yahoo-, while External links settle at about 5.30%.

Keep tuned!