August 24, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
As the Superleague awakens from a deep summer slumber, the teams are busily getting themselves ready for the trip to Canada. Montreal has always been a popular destination amongst drivers, teams and fans throughout the world. The decision by the GPVWC administration to change to the venue after Laguna Seca failed inspection was greeted with joy by many.

The Synergetic team heads to Quebec with renewed vigor after recent results left the team with mixed emotions. Since the arrival of Ryan McConkey, the team has steadily become a team that can be a fly in the ointment for the likes of Nordsjoen and the Evans Blue squads. The American, working alongside team regular Philip Cullen, instantly gelled and begun to show the raw pace the Synergetic was capable of.

Results, however, have not gone the team's way. McConkey scored on his debut at Most, while Cullen suffered due to 'dodgy kerb design' after sliding past his team-mate into turn one. The pair were excellently placed for a double points finish at Bahrain before the infamous pace lap incident occurred.

After qualifying 4th and 5th, the engine in McConkey's car, overheated due to the exceedingly slow pace caused by Carr-Smith, expired on the line. Cullen lasted till the first corner, where he was unceremoniously booted by his fellow Irishman in the rear. His own overheating car made it up the hill before it gave up the ghost.

In the absence of the Nordsjoen team at at Kyalami there was a real opportunity for the team to score their first podium. Another excellent qualifying session, where they lined up second and third, was left with a day to rue, McConkey's fifth position small consolation as Cullen racked up his fourth consecutive non-finish.

The doors of the Synergetic factory, like the rest of the Superleague teams, were shut during the two month hiatus - during which, team owner Mal McKee tied the knot. The team had a number of meetings to discuss the best way forward for the final eight races of the year. After much pushing from Cullen, the team re-signed Ryan McConkey for the final races of the season.

The signing of the American was announced as the the Masters series made it's way north to Montreal for this weekends event to be held at the venue. ?t's great to finalize a contract extension with Synergetic. I had a great time with the team, and working with Philip Cullen as a teammate. We both seem to get the most out of each other, which is good, obviously.?Ryan said when he spoke to reporters in the executive lounge at Montr??ierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport.

? wasn't sure if I could even continue for the rest of the year, and was waiting until the last minute. So anyway, it's a relief to continue on racing, and with Synergetic. There were offers from other teams, including a return to Woods Racing. However, there was a little uncertainty about drivers there, and what my role would be. Ultimately though, I felt most at home with Mal & Philip. I want to help them try to secure the best championship result, as I feel a lot of hard work has been put in so far this season.?

?or me, it was a no brainer,?Cullen added. ?aving a team-mate like Ryan really helped to raise my game. It never hurts to have a team-mate that you can run close with. It's a massive boost when it comes to getting the car ready for the race day.?

In recent weeks, team boss Mal McKee has not been available for contact on matters. Cullen went on to say that he had discussed the situation with GPVWC administration and had taken over temporary charge 'until Mal had found the key to unlock himself from the ball and chain.'

Synergetic enter the critical phase of the season pumped up to make up for what has so far been a year of missed opportunities. The now defunct Phoenix racing hold fourth spot in the Constructors Championship, twenty-two points in front of Synergetic. The Irishman feels that the team can overcome the difficult start and take fourth, but stressed that the likes of Allen, Constant and Fusion are going to be in the same dog-fight.

Both McConkey and Cullen will be looking to improve upon their lowly positions in the drivers championship. Both have shown the raw speed to elevate themselves from their current predicaments and while the championship is out of the question, pride is as always on the line.

When asked on how 2010 was shaping up for the team, Cullen simply shrugged. ?ntil Mal comes back, nothing can really be done. With eight races left in this season, it is way to early to be looking towards that. I can say though, I'm delighted that the league has secured a decent car design for next year. My feelings are well known regarding the state of this years machine so here's hoping for a better 2010 for all.?