August 26, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
Rumours circulating in the paddock last night were finally confirmed early this morning when Fusion Motorsports owner Phil Perkins announced the signing of driver James Linton on a 2 year deal. Linton had recently joined the GPVWC to help Fusion out in the Masters Series, but an impromptu test on the team's Superleague car convinced the English driver in accepting the Test Drive offer - making him available to substitute Mark Fuller or Perkins himself if needed.

When asked about the deal, Perkins replied: "Yeah, I've nabbed James for both my Masters and Superleague teams; the guy has a talent and I want to use it for the benefit of the Team."

With James Linton sealing this double contract at Fusion, curiosity is mounting to see this new talent in action. His first expected appearance will be the Montreal Masters race, while his first taste of a Superleague car will be at the 17th September test.