September 02, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
The second appointment with the Admins in the GPVWC's Live Chat session brought an even higher turnout, with up to 12 members online at the same time listening to the plans of the Administration to bring the GPVWC Project forward and asking their questions.

Administrators Michelangelo Manrique and William Ponissi illustrated the work of the previous week, noting how all the proposed objectives had been completed: contract system and registration issues have been fixed, and an Appeals system has been introduced; furthermore, several smaller glitches have been fixed to ensure a more stable website and a more enjoyable experience for all members.

The talk then switched to the direction the GPVWC would take for the 2010 season and beyond. On these regards, many important announcements have been made:

- work on the 2010 Research & Development system will start soon after the 2009 Canadian Grand Prix, to allow a suitable system to be in place in the first weeks of the year;

- 2010 pre-season will begin between mid-January and early February;

- as announced in a previous news item, the 2010 mod will be based on MMG's F1 mod.

Besides these points, the Administration announced some new features that will be added in the following days. The most important surely regards the introduction of a system for drivers to insert comments after each qualifying and race session directly in the monitor, freeing the forum from a use that went beyond its intended function and greatly helping in the creation of race reports.

The Administrators wish to build on the success of these Live Sessions and to see many members attend next week's meeting at 7 PM British time.