September 02, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
The month of August saw a good amount of activity on the GPVWC Website; not only traffic remained at the July level despite the lack of competition (441 unique visits), but the number of users grew, a further proof of the health of the league.

Members data:

135 total members (+6 over July)

50 with Superlicense (+4)

31 with contract (-3)

The number of people coming to through links present on other simracing websites increased as a result of the growing number of partnership the GPVWC is establishing in the online motorsport world. Another encouraging sign is represented by the percentage of people performing searches related to the GPVWC, with an increase of search engine hits from 1.70% to 3.20% of the total visits.

September, with the restart of the Superleague and more features being added to the website, will represent a massive test for the league - one that hopefully will be reflected in the website statistics.